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Real Estate
The Real Estate Division of Sager Group Holding has been active in the local market for well over 20 years. It has engaged in buying, selling and managing both commercial and residential properties and have concluded several major projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The 2000 census figures show a population of 18 million for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with 13.3 million Saudi nationals.

Jeddah located on the west coast of the country and used for centuries as a key location for trade, is the fastest growing city in the Kingdom. With a year 2000 population base of some 2.1 million residents, of which approximately 50% are less then 20 years old, and fueled by the Kingdom’s 4% annual population growth rate, it is witnessing a huge demand for residential and commercial property development. Given that this growth rate will continue at its present level for some time to come with the very likelihood of it increasing in the medium term, the real estate business in the western region, which is also the location of the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, is on the verge of massive growth.

With its years of experience in all phases of the real estate market in Saudi Arabia, this division of the group is uniquely positioned to participate in this rapidly expanding market for many years to come.

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